About Neil

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” – Ansel Adams


The primary photographer for Foothills Photographics is, internationally published, photographer Neil Jolly. Photography has long been one of Neil's passions. He started taking, and developing, photographs around the age of 10 (and is well over that age now).

Neil can often be found, wandering the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies in search of his next photo opportunity, riding through the foothills on his horse Jackson, or playing his guitar as loud as he can get away with.

Artist's Statement

I've always liked driving the backroads instead of following the highways. You see more of, and feel more connected with, the land around you. For me photography is like driving the backroads.

Photography makes me slow down, see, and feel, what surrounds me. When I plan a photo trip I generally select an area and spend the day in that area. I get to know what's behind every bush, and behind every rock. Getting to know the soul of an area can lead to getting better photographs. Sometimes I bring home a winning photograph - at the very least I have an excellent day out surrounded by nature. 

Mother Nature redecorates daily! A place you've visited before is never the same the next time you visit. Light changes, weather changes, and you the viewer changes with it. With my images I like to present the different facets of the places I love.

My photographs invite the viewer into the frame to share the joy that nature brings me. I do hope that you'll come along for the trip.

Better in Print

While Neil's images look stunning on the computer screen there's nothing more magnificent than a large format print hanging on your wall. All the images on this site are suitable for printing in large format. 

Prints are done using a Light Jet printer onto photographic paper (Kodak Pro Endura Paper) and then traditionally developed. The print is bonded onto  aluminum dibond with a UV protective laminate to eliminate fading. All prints carry a 75-year brilliant color guarantee. Print sizes range from 15x10cms to 180x120cm for standard prints. Panoramic images are all custom sized to fit the print with minimal cropping. 

Canvas prints are available on Glossy canvas printed using a 6-colour latex printing process, with a solid wood stretcher frame (2, 4, or 6 cm depth) with mirrored edges in sizes from 30 x 20 cm up to a maximum size of 190 x 127 cm.

Many other special printing options are available upon request.

Get in touch with Neil using his contact form to discuss printing, image licensing and more.